In the artistic process emotional works arises

What Do I See?

Perceive the moment without judgment and with all senses. Letting go of ideas and imprints, questioning one's own perception, looking at things, thoughts and feelings from a new angle and putting them together anew. Thereby I create new realities - or illusions. To see is the unlimited variety of life.
To train this seeing and perceiving, to relate the self with different realities, that is art for me. 

Since I can think, I want to express my impressions and feelings in pictures.  
As a Media Designer, I have been able to bring my creativity to bear on a project-by-project basis, but have not been able to fully develop it. The longing for artistic self-expression has never subsided. Since 2016, I have been continuing my education in painting and drawing both self-taught and through courses. Moving forward is development and unfolding.

I try to find my own expression by following my emotions without limits and often intuitively. In doing so, I reflect on life with its ups and downs and experiment with different styles.

Everything flows into the painting from the inside out. I have to live out my creative side, create images. And every time I'm excited to see where the journey takes me. Because the chosen motif must not remain recognizable in the end. Everything is allowed to show itself.

If I had the courage not to want to be "good", but to show myself, I am satisfied with my work.

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sonnenunterg duenen
sonnenunterg strand-40x40
sea after
bayernurlaub skitte-gouache
pinsel oelfarbe-mischen
sandra brand-abstract-art-acrylic-ink-10-22
before after
Sandra Brand | Detmolder Str. 37 | 33813 Oerlinghausen |Germany